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The ritual preparation of the shoulder bones of oxen

An influence on such cultural icons as Bob Dylan, John Cage, Merce Cunningham, Philip K. Dick, and Philip Pullman, the I Ching is turned to by millions around the world for insights on spiritual growth, business, medicine, genetics, game theory, strategic thinking, and leadership, and of course for the window it opens on China.

Thoroughly researched and documented, Medical Uses of Marijuana discusses: the many and varied health benefits of marijuana use; more than 150 destructive medical harms of drinking alcohol; discriminatory government laws allowing public ingestion of alcohol, while prohibiting the use of marijuana; and the process by which marijuana use became illegal due to taxation laws.

When Fox and Sheldrake first held discussions on the topic of angels, they became fascinated by the parallels between Thomas Aquinas speaking of angels in the Middle Ages and Albert Einstein speaking of photons in this century. ocusing this volume 38,000 years after the angelic rebellion

The oldest extant book of divination, it dates back three thousand years to ancient shamanistic practices involving the ritual preparation of the shoulder bones of oxen. From this early form of communication with the other world, it has become the Chinese spiritual book par excellence.

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Illness and death are not experiences to be avoided

Is it true there is a cure for all illness? Only if you are wise enough to see death as a cure.” — Emmanuel's BookAs a spiritual teacher, hospice worker and mother of a child who died at age 16 after a long illness,

I am fiercely committed to a belief in the importance of conscious dying and conscious grieving. By understanding that death is neither an enemy nor an ending, the process of grieving the death of a loved one becomes a journey of awakening for the person who has died AND for those who remain on earth.

I've spent a lifetime studying metaphysics and spirituality, and I believe unequivocally that there are no “good” or “bad” experiences; only the soul's constant craving for growth and expansion.

In this view, illness and death are not experiences to be avoided, but to be embraced with gratitude for the shifting of perceptions and the gifts of growth they provide. In a state of gratitude at this level, you accept every experience with love, because you recognize it as one of your soul's creations.

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I was reading through my notes and it served up

Dear editor,Thanks for your interview with Asia Voight in the recent copy of The Edge (February 2014). I had the opportunity to interview her over 10 years ago – actually, I called her up and asked her out for coffee and it turned into an interview, and she was very gracious.

Just now, I was reading through my notes and it served up some good memories from that meeting.I went into the interview fairly skeptical about her ability to communicate with animals, but became a believer over the hour or so spent together. She could not have possibly known of a deceased pet of mine, but assured me that “Teddy” was fine.

Okay, you had me at naming him!I enjoy the range of topics in The Edge and kudos to you and your staff for its variety. All the best to you in 2014. — Michelle Gardner, Woodbury, MNDear editor,

Your magazine The Edge is a joy to see wherever I go because I believe in its messages; the past few years of creating a holistic lifestyle for myself have been life-changing.Without your magazine I wouldn't know about most of the happenings around the Twin Cities that connect the most fundamental pieces of my life to other people, thus helping to weave our interconnectedness more tightly. — Mercedes Knapp, Minneapolis, MN

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One young couple from Ireland had already undressed down

Along the path was a cenote. It was a lovely open pool surrounded by lush greenery. A ladder extended down from the wooden dock for those who were brave enough to swim.

I was eager to try the cenote, even though I suspected that the water would feel cold. One young couple from Ireland had already undressed down to their swimsuits, so my husband and I decided to do the same.

We didn't want to miss out on the experience. Brrrr, that water was cold, but it felt so soft and lovely on our skin. Words really can't describe the magical feeling of swimming in a cenote.

It is calming, soothing and energizing all at the same time.Since that January day more than 10 years ago, I have had the privilege of visiting and swimming in many more cenotes all over the Yucatan. Some are large and almost look like small lakes. Some are difficult to access and must be reached by a long ladder that goes deep into a hole in the earth.

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I think the way people get information in the news

These are all matters of soul, in my language, so religion and soul go together.What is your sense of the relationship between our current world and religion?

TM: I think what's happening is that our world, our culture, is becoming more and more secular, and people don't even know it. I have great reverence and appreciation for science and technology,

but when they enter the sphere of meaning and try to tell us what life is all about, in terms of chemistry or how our brains work, those are all materialistic things.

They are extremely valuable, but they are materialistic and I think sometimes our scientists overreach what they should be doing.I think the way people get information in the news and other sources gives them the impression that they can go it alone, that they don't need religion, that science can handle or explain everything and give us our meaning for the future and that it's going to be a technological future.

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Medical uses of marijuana plants have been identified

This new translation, over a decade in the making, is informed by the latest archaeological discoveries and features a gorgeously rendered codex of divination signs–the I Ching's sixty-four Tarot-like hexagrams.

It captures the majesty and mystery of this legendary work and charts an illuminating path to self-knowledge. From the book: “Let me put this in another way.

But what if there truly is no conflict??This book gives you the tools to take back that power and shine once again.Medical Uses of Marijuana, by Joseph W. Jacob, B.A., M.P.A., (Trafford Publishing), 228 pages, $24.95 —

Throughout history, more than 150 successful medical uses of marijuana plants have been identified, effectively tested, publicly used, and reliably trusted. In Medical Uses of Marijuana, author Joseph W. Jacob provides an extensive chronological history of marijuana and its medical uses throughout the world in the last 10,000 years.

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